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What we do
Public Affairs
Whether you're a small business, a nonprofit organization or an individual hoping to influence public policy, we can help you understand the process and develop a strategy that delivers results. We know government and how it works. Don't let the terms of the public policy debate be dictated to you. Take control of the message.
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Media and Public Relations
The media landscape is changing, but the rumors of the death of the traditional media have been greatly exaggerated. Newspapers, television and radio provide a tremendous opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience. But there's also danger. When a story goes bad, the damage can take years to undo. We have the expertise and the connections to build your narrative and deliver it to the right people.
Litigation Support
Winning in court is only half the battle. The judge or jury might vindicate you, but the damage to your reputation isn't repaired with a favorable verdict. We work closely with your legal team to tell your story, to limit the damage and protect your reputation. When it's your good name on the line, don't take chances.
Crisis Management
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but when trouble finds you we can help. Whether your dealing with a security breach, a workplace accident, allegations of wrongdoing, lawsuits, business conflict or just politics as usual, we can guide you through the danger. Timing is critical and your decision window is small. We've been there before and can help you make the right decisions and manage the threat.
Elections and Issue Advocacy
Because we understand the nuances of public policy and the media, we can help you win votes, whether it's at the ballot box or in the Legislature. We will sharpen your message and help you deliver it.

Strategic planning

Campaign planning

Issue advocacy

Message development

Media training

Issue briefings

Speech writing

Op-ed writing

Press releases

Talking points

Social media

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